May’s Place

All proceeds from Yule Duel benefit May’s Place hospice.

For over 25 years May’s Place has offered care and compassion to vulnerable and marginalized people in the Downtown Eastside. May’s Place delivers hospice care to about 50 people each year, ensuring that their last days are filled with dignity, warmth, and kindness.

Often times our patients’ lives have been touched by extreme poverty, homelessness, abuse, mental health issues and addictions. At May’s Place, they are welcomed warmly, treated with respect, and surrounded by friends, family, and caregivers. For some residents, it’s the first time they’ve had a warm bed to sleep in or a room to themselves.

Asian Family

This cozy six-bed hospice provides a peaceful environment filled with natural light and home comforts. Staff are trained to provide care to people with complex issues, offering a range of supports that are particular to their needs, including family reunification, reconnection with faith or culture and options for long-term care when needed.

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May’s Place is operated by The Bloom Group, a nonprofit registered charity.